>> Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A portrait of my family
Stand (left-right) : Iman, Dedek, Ulie
Sit (left-right) : David, Fathir, Pipit

Hi, let me introduce myself here ^^

My name is Yuli Yustia Sari, but you can call me "Ulie". I'm just an ordinary 31 y.o woman, single, still fall in love with my handsome nephew named Fathir, origin from Palembang, South Sumatera, and stay at Jakarta (Indonesia) right now.

I built this blog in 2006, but I haven't update it since that year until now. Seems so lazy, huh? Sorry for that, but the reason is I was not have time to look for any stuff to be put in here at the time. I was hired by First Media Tbk as a Customer Service officer, and it made me completely work almost all day long. That because my working hour was not fix, we worked based on shift schedule. Sometimes it made me worked on public holiday, and I hate that *tears*

After I sent my resignation letter on November 2007, I've been thinking many times to rebuild this blog again, search for new stuffs of handicraft etc, but I must admitted that my personal problems have gone too far and it took all of my time to solve it first, one by one. But now, I'm free and ready to start it again, insya 4JJI ^_^

I also have another blogs on blogspot. You can check my profile at Ulie Punya Diary and my blog for Oriflame, and a blog for Fathir. But first I have to say sorry, because I made them in Indonesian language. You can also check my online business here. But I've also built another blog, which is a companion blog with 3 of my closest friends at blogspot. They are Athan, Ipanks, and Natalia. We named the blog as we named our group, 4 Musketeers On The Blog. Don't worry, we built this blog in English, so maybe you'll be interest to come there for a visit ^_^

Last but not least, thank you for coming here. I'll post my stuff as soon as possible, that because I still need more time to listing the good stuff for Ulie Gallery.

Wish me luck! *wink*



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